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Sonoma Eyeworks® has been supportive of Sonoma County’s vibrant artist community since our original opening in 2000. All proceeds from all sales go directly to the artist.

Current Event

Sally Baker Watercolor

Sebastopol Watercolor Artist Sally Baker has been profoundly influenced by her travels over the years. Though best known for her still life series that focuses on Asian artifacts, kimonos, and bamboo, Sally has explored themes that include Asian and Italian pottery as well as fabrics from Japan and Hawaii. She describes her work as sharp-focused, with an emphasis on strong shadow shapes that capture a specific moment in time that otherwise would never be seen again.

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Sally Baker Watercolor

Past Events

  • Linda Guzzetta: Flora-Rosejade’

    Flora Rosejade By Linda GuzettaLiving in Sonoma County for more than 25 years, I have always been inspired by nature and the textures of the world that surrounds me. Whether it be in my garden or across the globe to Asia and beyond, my art reflects a personal interpretation of these images. Working from both my own photographs and imagination, I enjoy the detail and vibrant color that acrylic paint brings to my work. Multiple layering of color and texture are used to create my abstract and realistic art.

    As a self-taught artist, my process is always a new journey in discovering new pathways and techniques to communicate.

    Over many years of creating art, this ever-changing process, through various mediums, has included graphite, ink, colored pencil, watercolor, mixed media, encaustic, and most recently, acrylic on canvas.

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  • Lucy Liew: Uplifting Paintings of Nature

    Artist Lucy Liew

    Lucy Liew is a Malaysian-American artist whose paintings have been described as a “rich tapestry of color” a reference to her colorful, multi-layered painting style. Lucy’s paintings draw upon her personal experiences as well as her travels throughout Borneo and California.

    Using indigenous symbolism and cultural iconography, together with botanical and zoological motifs, Lucy has developed her own artistic language to imbue her paintings with human emotions and experiences. Viewers of her works are invited on a magical journey through vivid botanical compositions that are a fusion of the real and the fantastic.

    Lucy’s artwork has been shown in numerous exhibits both nationally and internationally and can be found in both public and private collections around the world.

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  • Sonoma County Art Trails

    We are happy to have featured and supported Sonoma County Art Trails, the oldest juried open studio tour in the country.

    Since 1985, the Art Trails self-guided tour gives visitors fabulous opportunities to learn first-hand from the artists what inspires their art, how it is made and where it is made.

    Art Trails is always the second and third weekend in October, the perfect time of year to enjoy Sonoma County, see fabulous art, find a terrific holiday gift, and treat oneself to a special piece of art that will enliven your home or office. So mark your calendars, bring your family and friends and bask in the enjoyment of Art Trails!

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  • ‘A Night in Santa Rosa’ – John Pascoe 2012

    On October 9th, John and Jan Pascoe lost their home of 38 years in the Tubbs Fire and everything they owned, like so many of their neighbors, friends, family, and countless others in Sonoma County. This loss is heartbreaking as it affects so many in the community. Along with the loss of the home, they lost Pascoe Studio – a place where much of the original art that reflects the local Sonoma landscape was created. This cherished art collection was lost in the fire.

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  • Cynthia Jackson-Hein

    Born in northern Manitoba, Canada, Cynthia Jackson-Hein raised her children in Winnipeg, then traded brutal winters for the allure of the California Wine Country. She maintains a Canadian summer home and studio in Lake of the Woods, she has become an ardent and multi-talented member of the Northern California arts scene.

    Cynthia always has a drawing pad and pencil nearby, at home or on the road. She accepts private commissions for portraits, particular landscapes, and pictures of favorite animals.

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  • Teri Sloat – Narrative Art and Landscape

    I have two very different needs when I do my art. One is to be outside painting our landscapes and the other is to drift into scenes floating through my mind which, when put to paper or canvas, tend to take me to a more imaginary place. I am a storyteller, picture book writer and illustrator. The works you see at Sonoma Eyeworks® come from images and my own mythology that bubble up from somewhere deep inside.

    I love my personal clients, and am pleased that over the last few years that my work is going into more and more hospitals and clinics, including our own Santa Rosa Sutter Hospital, Sonoma West Medical Center, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Central Valley Hospital.

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  • Dannell Powell

    Self-taught outsider artist, Dannell Powell works in digital art, oil paints, and assemblage. Digitally working with photographs and photo-collage, she developed The Mannequin Chronicle–a series of coffee table books.

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  • Art at the Source

    Art at the Source welcomes you to their annual free self-guided open studio tour of western Sonoma County. Since 1995, Art at the Source (AATS) has offered Sonoma County artists an opportunity to show and sell their work in the spring open studio event. Each year art collectors visit Art at the Source studios to meet the artists, see their work, and purchase beautiful local art. Sonoma Eyeworks® is proud to have been a long-term supporter of this event.

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  • Stacey Schuett — Mixed Media Paintings

    As an artist, I’m interested in noticing minutiae…the small details of living. Hidden things draw my attention: overlooked creatures, half-present memories, the wavering silhouette of what might or might not be true.

    I work with acrylic paint and gouache and found materials on a prepared surface, usually paper or wooden panel. Sometimes I use collage elements or a rough underpainting to increase the surface texture. As a kid, I loved to look at paintings that had a caked-on quality or a fluid, haphazard appearance. These days, I build as much as paint my pieces, and aim to give them a luminous quality.

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  • Lynn Bell

    Lynn Bell is a Northern California native & graphic designer, interior designer & artist. Her series is comprised of different perspectives offering surprise views, hidden spaces, & the beauty found in randomness that sometimes confuse & serve to alter our perception of life & the world around us.

  • Tom Chown — Fine Art Photography

    Featured by CBS San Francisco as one of the best photography studios in the North Bay. Tom’s personal work has been exhibited in many fine-art journals and art galleries for over 30 years. In addition, Mr. Chown’s fine art images have been published by Art Week, West Art, High Performance Magazine, and the Press Democrat. You can view more of his work on his Facebook fan page under Tom Chown Photography.

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  • Sally Baker Watercolors

    Sebastopol Watercolor Artist Sally Baker has been profoundly influenced by her travels over the years. Though best known for her still life series that focus on Asian artifacts, kimonos, and bamboo, Sally has explored themes that include Asian and Italian pottery as well as fabrics from Japan and Hawaii.

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  • Jeremy Joan Hewes

    Jeremy Joan Hewes worked as an editor and writer for four decades, including 18 years as a writer for Apple Computer. She is also the author of seven books. Throughout her publishing career, she pursued photography as an avocation. In 2001 she began exhibiting and selling her photographs and added printmaking to her art practice in 2004.

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  • Kate E. Black

    Kate E. Black is a regionally recognized post-modern glass fusion artist whose studio is located in the wine country of Sonoma County, California. Kate Black’s pieces are appreciated by collectors and exhibitors for her bold and expressionistic style. She specializes in commission pieces, indoor/outdoor art, kitchen back-splashes, and other functional art pieces.

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  • Barbara Kelley

    Barbara Kelley is a printmaker and painter, creating works in a studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean and also in a studio located in the heart of the wine country in Sonoma County, California.

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